Friday, December 9, 2011


Sony Roy
Pro Se Plaintiff in this Federal case 3:06cv95 
and Appeal Case 1115390E

The late Patrick Henry on that notable day in 1775 coined one of the greatest matters of Conscience as follows: "GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH."  In other words, as I view it, one cannot part with a matter of Conscience such as the truth.  Divorce the lie and marry the truth is the only way to find peace.  Nobody wins with lies on the record and on the conscience regardless how it was camouflaged under legal metamorphoses.  Truth needs no cloak and no crutches and it is always naked unlike lies that looks for cover all the times.  Be truthful oh! you honorable judicial officers of the court, for your job doesn't ask you to be any different.  Be truthful oh! you officers of the court for your job is to fan the truth beneath the wings of justice. For truth is the wind beneath the wings of justice and, when truth blows, justice flies high like an eagle. Be truthful oh! you citizens of the United States and the world at large for truth is free, justice is priceless and anything else, money can buy.  Don't be bought and dont be sold either, you're not that cheap. You are of great value and your honor is not in hiding behind anything but in showing your candidness regardless of the consequences.  Do not lock arms against justice, please, please for, you will succumb under the weight of God's wrath.  Make it easy on yourself, defend, protect and uphold the truth at all times and God Almighty will see you through as He always does.  The higher you climb in life, the more apparent your behavior.  Stand for the truth until death do us part, would you?

I am Sony Roy, your humble host.

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